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wing will . god be with us on this edition of news sites wednesday saturday twenty sixth and casting call and she intel camp. lawmakers in ukraine are trying to remove any remnants of their own governments as they were too would anyone want to exclude any influence of the house to present the two again in kobe mother struggling to come to an agreement. last week the lawmakers remain in tna candidates from his post after months of protests against his dad and aunts and the appointed a new
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prosecutor general. now he's indicted the ousted president for the dance of demonstrators killed in fighting with police protesters hit the streets in november after yanukovich back away from a trade deal with europe in favor of closer ties with russia lawmakers at massey international criminal court to bring him to justice for crimes against humanity. i know that it's like a capital t s u k media report he is taking refuge in the southern part of the country. russia's foreign minister sergei not drop as criticize the opposition leader's for ignoring an agreement between yanukovich and russian leaders agreed to bring in reforms and hold a presidential election by december. but now they decided to hold the banners in may. some demonstrators are still in the streets where they spent the last several months. the move to a star from them if i'm dating back to the soviet era others have brought down statues of soviet leader in fighting the lenin and other
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russian figures. thousands of ukrainians had seen streaming through the attic of patience and batted home outside of kiev and journalists have been killing them. if i need some incriminating documents as it is a daunting and the furnishings the exotic animals and the palms on the estate. dieters dove into one pond and retrieve documents implicating the government in a crackdown on the media. one report describes an attack last year on journalists who wrote articles criticizing the government's. the news paper looked into accounting documents to one show that about forty million dollars was spent on chantilly is for the residents. june was held to find more evidence as they combed through in the grounds japanese government officials that government leaders have made their biggest push backs to refine said nuclear energy programs they've announced the details of a plan that designates atomic energy as an important source of power
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by nhk world you reach a cocktail of points. no the danger we will figure out how much nuclear power we need to win and we will secure that the mount wilson the draft document adopted by a group of cabinet ministers and gorse is a major change in japan's energy policy the nuclear accident in issue three years ago triggered a nationwide debate over nuclear power the ruling party of the five promises to phase out nuclear energy whizzing through the years. to go on his return to palm a good december two thousand fall collection change the situation. the prime minister called the elimination of nuclear power would be responsible the trough and the policy adopted on tuesday he says the government will restart
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reactors but was weakly it the latest safety regulations the document also underlines the need to learn from the nuclear accident. and he pulled themselves safe but some people question whether it is really safe to resume operations. nuclear complex among them with the governor when uganda has been pressure pulse. the world's largest nuclear plant operated for a total electric power company hasn't learned from the focus of an accident it's not qualified to operate nuclear plants. coles kelly's is an expert on japan's energy policy. she explains the rationale behind the government's renewed emphasis on new clip allah japan's very precarious lack of natural resources. and the hope that by moving away from fossil fuels like
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imported gas oil and coal you can afford to be very disruptive and sharks to both electricity prices as well as gas prices that took place in the nineteen seventies. lbc its energy policy will be welcomed by the business community. but he adds the two teams and the government need to display more transparency in order to convince the general . your jaw up to you. this dear world. and in years and getting ready to test their latest plan to deal with them be your mind to wander at school she might die and see if you want to flee soil to stop that. four hundred tonnes of groundwater from nearby mountains flows beneath the facilities and free day. government officials plan to spend more than three hundred million dollars in an effort to stop that. they want to build a frozen mall around reactors
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one two three and four engineers will carry out its cast on number four. the cd release day they could do that as much eleventh three years after the accident engineers will drive the steel pipes down at least thirty meters and gentlemen the coolant into that instead it would take about a month just freeze the soil check whether they stopped the water. well they have to start building full scale model sometime over the next year or so. engineers have never tried anything on this scale before and some extra attack casting doubt on the project. operators of another nuclear plant near tokyo have come up with an initial step in a bid to restart operations. the plan seeks plane's safety measures to local governments before the apply for approval at the national level. officials reject an atomic power company city hall to reach an agreement with leaders of the eleven local governments as soon as next week. one of the communities has that old
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guy number two clowns. in the middle require the company to outline safety measures to local governments before it applies to make the leaders for safety sweeney. too bad on a power officials would also promised to get support from six local governments can you tell alice eve the agreement will give local governments a stronger voice in approving nuclear plants. here one million people within thirty kilometers of that ilk that silly it would have to leave their homes in the event of a serious accidents the gazette is from pacific rim nations and stretching them i say attended back to back meetings for days but have nothing to show for them. i didn't see the joins us now from the business as i did morning so tell us what to talk about work after they were trying to compromise on tariffs for example lights up on how much for example i do also trying to map out a schedule cafe but ministers from twelve countries involved in free trade talks and walked away empty handed yet again. they finished a
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four day meeting in singapore without setting a new deadline for each and specific partnership deal the ministers said they have set a path to resolve their issues and deliver comprehensive balanced results. they said negotiators are working hard to clinch a deal as soon as possible delegates from japan in the us have been trying to reach a broad agreement that they couldn't narrow their differences over tariffs on agricultural products in five years he had a korea's defense minister at the talks to god almighty said agriculture committees from both chambers of parliament adopted a resolution urging the government to maintain the tax he said negotiators from other nations understand that japan situation but he said that does not exempt or pan from taking action ahmadi said negotiators are urging japan to work toward a high level of trade liberalization. japanese trade officials plan to resume working level talks with the us soon. they hope
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to achieve a breakthrough before president barack obama visits japan in april the prices on wall street pulled back slightly on tuesday market sentiment was dampened by the league a series of us economic data which were weaker than most estimates the dow jones industrial average lost. i just bought a fifth of a percent to end at sixteen thousand one hundred seventy nine. what's the latest on the japanese markets in the gut seemingly at the chicken stock exchange illegal mining high the market starting the training session today twenty nine stocks are trading lower. and the opening levels for wednesday february st and seeks the nikkei was down zero point seven three percent at fourteen thousand nine hundred and forty one but still knew the key fifty thousand level and about the topics is lower by zero point six seven percent solely on looking at and i
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started this morning after the only stall in the us. my kids tell him a wonderful addition as panasonic tv what say the japanese electronics maker is in talks to tell someone this and he left a card maker to build and on a legit that every plant in the us and of the poets say this may help the sunny reduce its reliance on its loss making tv business and only during two decades he might get dollar yen is now at one hundred and two point two zero two two two when the dawn of the kick against the yen. why can't we as a selling the us can see and buy any. as americans we see for asset on increasing concerns about the global economic recovery. late this year as the enemy on tuesday showed a slowing in peace in home prices and a drop in consumer confidence the current friends box next to conceal my antique units fell seventy eight point one in february from seventy nine
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point four in january and is also wore a denim i can forecast of eighty. and that was after the second worries about a slowdown in the chinese economy. and so he's coming back is decreasing quite a bit and then also boosted the yen and teens to you in your yard is now at one forty point two nine two four five compared to one hundred and forty and around the same time on tuesday and investors are also buying gold as the safety of an asset. only nine futures on the precious metal climbed to the highest level in almost seventeen weeks and also for though i'm like it's in the asia pacific region especially after the shanghai composite of times two percent on tuesday that tx. right doing things a lot and we'll talk to you lean again in just a couple of august. the people who run and the website of a major big clinic change in tokyo say they've halted all
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dealings as a security measure. they made the announcement on their side after the exchange went offline tuesday. now clock suspended be clean transfers on february seven due to what it described as a system glitch at the time now cox said he was trying to prepare its system. but on tuesday at the site was down on cox was considered the world's biggest big clinic change boasting more than one point one million accounts in and outside japan. the users are now unable to contact the exchange either by phone or e mail. early on wednesday now cox released a message saying bill closely monitor the situation and react accordingly. you'll see those companies me. it's common for participants to create something like don't say it without help from governments but they have to be aware that governments will not protect them the look in that
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the new local people to use some overseas thick clay changes were forced to suspend operations after their assistants came under attack. doubts are growing about the stability of the unregulated digital currency. of more for use in a business in on next hour alinghi was attacked on the markets. the japanese
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government will do an ab about fourteen million dollars to support the operation to dispense and see me as chemical agents the senate stingy defense and permanent representative to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and mittens and state director general of the deal pc dam being exchanged letters on the donation in the hay. it is a sin says japan is the single largest donor once again. i hate that our day due to japan augustine was on duty the otc daniel class team is nice to see these chemical agents out of the country and destroyed them on board especially us yet. i had to complete the disposal by the end of june but the work is behind schedule. then she said the syrian government submitted a revised plan and to finish the transfer by mid april. he said the organization will see if the plan is feasible. stuff
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the libraries in tokyo i are trying to protect works from vandalism. the sound down this to more than three hundred books relating to the holocaust including anne frank's diary of a young girl librarians in to kiss it seems you can just take it meant seventy books to cows they can keep an eye on. we hope we can keep these books accessible for visitors in this way. we want to put them back to where they belong as soon as possible. staff members as our pages foundation at least eighty titles at thirty eight lap race. the books include her in a suitcase which tells the story of a girl taken to auschwitz and murdered. a biography of the tiramisu he got out was also damaged. he was a japanese diplomat to the issue travel visas to chairs to seat them from the nazis. police are analyzing security camera video to find out who's responsible. these really embassy in tokyo and a jewish
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group and plan to donate copies of the frank diary to the live race. nbc officials say they are mirrored by the concern japanese people have shown about the vandalism. south korean president that man has admired her first year on the job with the promise she's itching to see economic growth rate at least a four percent by twenty seventeen. after all a time when the government will push ahead slippery with a three year plan for economic innovation. so creating an era of happiness for everyone in the country on the street clancy mr stoddart said reduce regulations and she has to kiss the employment rate to seventy percent. as tv opinion polls suggest times has an approval rating of sixty three percent analysts say citizens appreciate her tough stance toward north korean provocations. still some south koreans and frustrated
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with its economic policies including a failure to generate jobs for young people. some labor unions held an anti dam and rally in seoul. adam i say pact may have made ten year economic promise to try to keep up their support rates. that has seen relations with japan and its kerry aide to japan's foreign minister says the lack of a summit between japanese and south korean leaders over the past year is regrettable the proposal new pope will. at a time like this it's bio for the top leaders of the two countries to communicate sincerely. and understand each other when will i hope the south koreans will be open to my call for higher level dialogue. but given the license. ganguly souness as to create a climate for dye lot he said jasmine officials lawmakers and private citizens at all
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count and gatherings. joni said now when climber has released many heights in korea including being the first woman to reach the summit of mount everest a joke on sunday i spent the last two years undergoing treatment for cancer in her abdomen. she still suffering from the side effects like she's climbing with people from her childhood home in northeastern japan. the get go a tiny bit of snow at the top so the charity of the acting drugs. it was due to the seventy four year old mountain. this species does in the mt kentucky and only season with school kim people from krishna could actually
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get to the tokyo area have gathered for their monthly climbing expedition. they started in the wake of the great easter and earthquake of two thousand eleven. he looks healthy. but it's two years ago her doctor diagnosed her with cancer scare tonight it's been colder that without treatment she would have three months to go. she received chemotherapy and now her condition has stabilized little did i need my tingling all over the sea she still has pins and needles in her hands and feet one of the side effects of treatment. call. will our city and it's difficult to keep her balance. if she stands with her feet close together. she's likely to stumble. the top guitarists i tried to stand out between getting an impact. i tried to carefully to take a stand to
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get that confirmed i could still block. even the smallest movement just makes me feel high. they began climbing mountains with people from oceana because she wanted to share the precious feeling of standing up and taking the priest that the awana are they. two days for me to nutrition prefecture. she's been heartbroken about the situation in her hometown ever since the test. megan recommendation ends next march you name it they said they'll extend it but i also want to go back to my hometown. but that's only natural. so nan. family trees there. people are growing increasingly anxious as the reconstruction work is not going according to plan
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they sympathize with their words. i keep a steady pace the steep steps that he and the boots are unexpectedly difficult for today. he's worried about her balance keep smiling in tackles them one at a time after climbing for an hour they finally arrived at the shrine and son the audience with something they don't do so relaxing tools are designed to get away from everyday life the climbers got to know each other and we are haunted. and when he reached the top. they were unable to enjoy a little down the eye. the city again i'm glad everyone was so
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happy to run with me. we joined to see people enjoying the snow. i would like to continue doing this as long as my condition. enjoy it for my own sake to other people's happiness brings me so much stealing. only you will see high speed the days when the hiking trip in her home the picture is him sleeping friends who traveled there to see the screen terry brooks cats. margin of two thousand and two forty six pm with two quake shakes too we choose to go the distinctive northeast and send you coupons. pretty cool the disaster. sure he wants to. what is
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the reconstruction. teaching it is to pick up china's eyeshadows and the weather people in many areas that i now use to seeing had nice monde today isn't an exception. meteorologists at the more he tells this morning in a world class back this cafe making the team to air quality index is at the height of the sort of august morning in chile current right conditions the wall and that it's not so for residents in northern parts of china to color some pictures of from a sheen on tuesday. this mom thing called the police union of mars mouth of the northern and eastern china for the sixth day. the world health organization said the level of their preaching in chinese cities needs to be seen and the crying says it very very bad conditions out there. it's not the case for an orderly can actually add this monday settled single thing the korean peninsula and parts of the west and japan. that we are seeing some changes finally in beijing is as you can see rain will likely develop here
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so that i could i improve air quality finally answered the south of south korea in western japan was seattle improvement. because of impending rain showers thunderstorms are likely to fold some locations temperatures are going to be quite warm in many areas including tip and we have the advisories for about a full and just to sit for a twinkie prefecture is out of the forty seven ten k at thirteen bakeries in next month's like and then just when one for the korean news my plans are well into twenty six taipei and hong kong. now i don't like east asia and much of a candid and that will spend two thirds of the us are a hunter she pulling colder conditions and temperatures about ten to fifteen degrees below average combined with gusty conditions the euro when two valleys are very very well to kill the cats and the gear is in the sun and pictures that your skin will feel minus forty one degrees and bring it to me that they can ours in your wednesday and the euro minus thirty degrees
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in many areas. do you bundle up and have to go outside to make sure to wear a hat because half of the body heat this is from the top of the head. then the call there is meeting with warmer air producing thunder showers for the gold coast and then cross the west and some make changes after days of the trial whether find me ukraine is underway and more heavy rain is likely from your friday. hopefully that can cook it right conditions while i welcome the rain is in the forecast for a bit freakish violence once again this area has been contending that the worst flooding in more than two centuries in many areas. that makes sense then it's coming in by thursday creaking ambition or heavy rainfall conditions when not include any time soon. well some of thunder showers are likely for the western continent would have a report of the final clocking with an equally and across the black sea patient receives an unstable conditions can be sure to better compare to yesterday however unstable weather will continue. we expecting
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some heavy rain and mountain snow showers with the rest lots of sunshine and temperatures am not above average but that didn't take a nice kid caught between the crease with partly sunny skies it out was at fifteen degrees. well new law across the west in consonant a quiet war and despite the rainy weather carries the eleven degrees. madrid at eleven am and then one night an average of twelve the crease right after coming out to make this year we came out with. i am new. and. the time. the car
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and that's all for this edition of nice i think
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edition of nice i think the man's hand
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